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How the iPhone Changed my Life

I’ve had many mobile phones over the years. But that is another story that might be worth a dedicated post another time. I’ve actually had many smart phones before the iPhone but no phone (apart from my first mobile) changed … Continue reading

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Word of the Week: Opt-out-er fest

Opt-out-er fest: Term used by Tom Merritt in Tech News Today (Episode 101) to describe that about 250.000 Germans used the possibility to tell Google to blur out the picture of their houses in Google street view. ‘Opt-out-er fest’ it … Continue reading

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Top 5 – Comics

There are a lot of good Comics. The following ones are my favorites (in no particular order) – as always highly subjective. General Comics Dilbert (Scott Adams) If you’ve ever worked for a large corporation or know someone who does, … Continue reading

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Something old, something new – welcome!

After 10 years of doing nearly nothing on my websites, I thinks it’s time for a restart. At least I’ll try. As I have much less time than I used to have 10 years ago, I’ll try with a blog. … Continue reading

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