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App of the Week: Two alternative Browsers – Mercury & Terra

This time there are two apps of the week: Mercury and Terra. Both are alternative browsers for iDevices. While Mercury is a universal (paid) app, Terry is iPad exclusive and free. As Apple wouldn’t allow anything else, both browsers are … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Qwiki

“We’ve all seen science fiction films (or read novels) where computers are able to collect data on behalf of humans, and present the most important details. This is our goal at Qwiki.” Qwiki will display a narrated slideshow on the … Continue reading

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Top 6 – Geeky Video Podcasts

There are a lot of interesting geeky video podcasts. The following ones are my favorites (in no particular order) – as always highly subjective. All of them are also available via iTunes. The Ben Hack Show (Revision 3) Ben Hack … Continue reading

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Trying gdgt

I’ve know about gadget centric website for a while. I’ve just created an account and I’m currently building my gadget list. While it looks like geek heaven, let’s see if it can hold my interest. You can find my … Continue reading

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My Favourite Stuff of 2010: 2 x Top 5

It’s time for a short review of 2010: My favourite five posts (on this blog) and my favourite 5 new things (mostly gadgets) of the last year. Top 5 Posts Top 9 – Tech Video Podcasts Top 5 – Sci-Fi … Continue reading

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App of the Week: Game Dev Story

Did you ever want to develop a video games? Without needing to code a single line? Maybe not really develop but play a game in which you develop games? Look no further. The App of the Week is Game Dev … Continue reading

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