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Top 8 + 6 – Essential iOS Apps (of the Week)

There are a literary hundreds of thousands of apps for iDevices. There are some iOS apps that I think are essential – apps that would be useful for most people –  however due to various reasons I do not want … Continue reading

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Question for 2011: Can there only be one? How many smartphone and tablet OS will the market support?

How many smartphone and tablet OS will the market support? The only thing that seems certain right now is that currently there are too many.
How many will gain significant market share – and which? Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Plinkett Reviews

This has been around for a bit but I’ve just discovered it: RedLetterMedia / Plinkett Reviews of Star Wars and Star Trek movies. Some elements are a bit strong and some are a bit strange (not safe for work and … Continue reading

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My Personal Guide – How to get apps for free or cheaply

There are these app where you think: “This looks interesting, but 8 bucks is definitely too pricey”. Of course you can buy them when they are on sale (sales are quite frequent in the app store), but how do you … Continue reading

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Top 5 – Sci-Fi Games

There are a lot of good Sci-Fi games (and unfortunately far more terrible ones). These are are my favorites.
The list includes classics such as Master of Orion and more recent games such as Mass Effect. Continue reading

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