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New Gadgets, new gdgt (I have written about it before and I use it on this blog) has been redesigned. It looks very nice and fresh now. Check it out. I have updated my gadget list and added a couple of things – … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Best BSG Viewing Order

BSG is one of the best SciFi shows of all times (hint: Top 5 list coming soon). If you have not watched it yet, you really should. The following link will give you valuable insights on the best viewing order … Continue reading

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We live in the Future – Finally

For many years the future – or at least the idea we had of the future – seemed to be very far away. Some examples of what I mean: Judgment Day, as foretold by the Terminator franchise was relatively close … Continue reading

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Site Maintenance & New EOS 600D

Some site maintenance was performed today and the menu was enhanced (‘Links & Resources’); further additions are planed. In other news: I have been interested in photography for a long time but watching several episodes of ‘Mostly Photo’ inspired me … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Mostly Photo

‘Mostly Photo’ is the newest addition to the TWiT Network. Hosted by Leo Laporte and Lisa Bettany this video podcast is about all aspects of digital photography. In my opinion ‘Mostly Photo’ is an instant hit, finding the right balance … Continue reading

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