My Personal Guide – How to Migrate (Data) to a New XBox 360

Quiet is the New ‘Black’

One of the things that I felt were annoying about the white XBox 360 was the horrible loud noise. The combination of a loud fan and an even louder DVD drive made me always think of it as a loud hairdryer which also played video games. Thus when the new black XBox 360 slim was announced and promised to be much quieter, I bought one – even if my old white 360 hadn’t RRODed yet. This left one important thing to do: transfer my data to the new console.

This “Personal Guide” is strictly subjective. This is how I have done it or how I would have done it. There are many other ways how to do something, but this is my suggestion. And of course: this is on your risk alone. This worked for me – but who knows what could go wrong…

What do you need:

  • An old Xbox 360
  • A new XBox 360
  • A USB thump drive (large enough for your data; I guess you can do it in several iterations if you have a lot of data – although I have not tried this. I assume you should try to get the save files and DLC in one step and videos and other stuff later)
  • Access to the internet
  • NB1: For this approach you neither need a Data Transfer Cable nor a Hard Drive Transfer Kit!
  • NB2: I would suggest not to play a game on the new console until the transfer is completed!

Step 1: Copy data from old XBox 360

  1. Insert the USB thump drive
  2. Go to ‘system settings’ -> ‘memory’
  3. ‘Transfer Content’

Step 2: Copy data to the new XBox 360

Insert the USB tump drive into the new XBox 360 and transfer the data to the new console.

Step 3: Migrate Licenses

Go to

Please read the disclaimer and instructions carefully and follow them. You will need the S/N of your new console.

Closing Comments

At the end of the day everything worked out as it was supposed to work: all my DLC, data and saves were successfully transferred. And the black Xbox 360 is indeed significantly quieter (and the power brick is also smaller).

I was especially worried about Mass Effect 2 (one of my favorite games that I had not finished yet) due to EA’s additional features/restrictions, i.e. the ‘Cerberus Network’. Turned out there was no issue. I could just load the game normally and continue playing where I had left off on the old XBox 360.

I did this with the XBox dashboard version (NXE) that was current in September 2010.

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