App of the Week: Two alternative Browsers – Mercury & Terra

This time there are two apps of the week: Mercury and Terra.

Both are alternative browsers for iDevices. While Mercury is a universal (paid) app, Terry is iPad exclusive and free.
As Apple wouldn’t allow anything else, both browsers are based on WebKit and are basically a kind of front-end for Safari. However both have additional features which Safari lacks.

Both feature:

  • tabbed browsing
  • full scree mode
  • search for text within a website
  • save a website

Additional features of Mercury

You can share a website via Facebook and Twitter. I tried to share via Facebook but that didn’t work perfectly, as I wanted to share a Youtube video and the Facebook post directed to the Youtube start page and not the actual video.

Mercury also features an accelerator called ‘Mobilizer’ that sends a website through a proxy, thereby reducing size and improving download speed. I found this especially handy on the iPhone when I was away from my home WiFi. Unfortunately some websites did not work well with this feature.

Closing Comments

Both browsers have nice features that I missed before on my iDevice. I think both work well and so far I’d have difficulties choosing one. Give both of them a try, as Terra is free anyway and there is a lite version of Mercury.


When I wrote this post, I was looking at ‘Terra – Web Browser with Tabs…’ version 1.0.1 for iPad.  Requires iOS 3.2 or later. Available for free in the AppStore.

Tried with iOS 4.2 on an iPad.


When I wrote this post, I was looking at ‘Mercury Web Browser Pro’ version 4.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is a universal app and requires iOS 3.0 or later. Available for less then 1 EURO / Dollars in the AppStore. There is also a free version available (called ‘Lite’ instead of ‘Pro’), which allows only two tabs at the same time.

Tried with iOS 4.2 on an iPhone 3GS and an iPad.

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