My Personal Guide – How to get apps for free or cheaply

There are these app where you think: “This looks interesting, but 8 bucks is definitely too pricey”. Of course you can buy them when they are on sale (sales are quite frequent in the app store), but how do you ensure not to miss an opportunity?
This post shows you two ways how to get apps for free or cheaply.

I) The push approach

Of course there are lots of apps that help you find apps on sale. The most useful approach is to put an app on your watch list and be reminded if the price drops. I’ve tried several of them and for a while I used ‘PandoraBox’. Now I primarily use the following two apps to watch the prices of iPhone and iPad apps I’m interested in.

a) AppShopper
+ free
+ push notifications (if you want also e-mail)
+ in addition to the app there is a website:
– requires an account

b) BargainBin
+ free
+ push notifications
+ you can define how much the price needs to drop before you are notified (the app only shows Dollars; but as the app prices are converted to EUR or other currencies with a fixed exchange rate it still works for non-US accounts)

II) The pull approach

Read There are daily “iPhone And iPad Apps Gone Free” posts and if there is a major sale “Popular iPhone And iPad Apps On Sale” posts.
Of course there are other sites that offer a similar service, but is the one I use.

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