Top 8 + 6 – Essential iOS Apps (of the Week)

There are a literary hundreds of thousands of apps for iDevices. There are some iOS apps that I think are essential – apps that would be useful for most people –  however due to various reasons I do not want to write an individual ‘App of the Week’ post about them.

The following list features these 8 essential apps – and more.

  • Dropbox
    Much more than an iOS app, Dropbox is an essential cloud storage and data sync service.
    Free app, sign up required, free account (2GB) available.
  • Evernote
    Again much more than an iOS app. Evernote is an essential cloud based note taking service.
    Free app, Sign up required, free account available.
  • Facebook
    I think no explanation required. The iPhone app works well. Sadly there is no iPad app so far.
    Free app, Sign up required.
  • GoodReader
    Features of GoodReader include: PDF reader with annotating and highlighting capabilities, file manager, TXT file reader and editor, audio/video player, viewer for MS Office files.
    Not free; separate versions for iPhone and iPad
  • News Pro
    Thomson Reuters News Pro is in my opinion the best free news app.
  • Read it Later
    With Read it Later you can mark a website on your browser and it gets transfered to the iOS app so that you can read it later (also offline if you want).
    Free app, Sign up (sort of)  required, free account available; paid app with additional features also available.
    Some people prefer Istapaper (which has comparable features) which I have not tried so far.
  • Remote
    Control your Apple TV and easily enter text with this free app.
  • Twitter
    I think no explanation required – otherwise read this post. The universal app works very well on iPhone and iPad.
    Free app, Sign up required.

The following apps are essential as well and I have covered them previously as an ‘App of the Week’:

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