Impressions of Nintendo 3DS

Last week I got my new 3DS. Does it live up to the great expectations?

How does it feel?

Not only compared to Apple gadgets such as the iPhone or the iPad but also compared to the Nintendo DS Lite or DSi, the 3DS feels a bit cheap. Solid but a bit cheap, especially the ‘Select’, ‘Home’ and ‘Start’ keys.
The 3DS is about the same size as a DSi, but a bit heavier.


The good first:
I can see the 3D effect and the slider does a good job to adjust it to a level I feel comfortable with.

The bad:
I haven’t used the 3DS extensively, but I’m not sure I ever will. My eyes seem to tire much quicker than with any TV, monitor, gadget, mobile gaming system I have ever used. In addition to that sometimes I got a bit dizzy. Maybe this will get better, one I’ve gotten more used to it, but hard to tell right now.
Also it seems that I must be relatively careful how to hold it, how far from my eyes and in which angle – Something I never needed to do before.
In addition to that, the 3D effect seems kind of gimmicky –  It does not seem to have a significant impact on the games.

The Games

The two games I’ve tried so far are ‘Face Raiders’ (which comes built in with the 3DS) and ‘Pilotwings Resort’.
Both are good fun and showcase the systems capabilities nicely, but I doubt that they will keep my interest for a long time.

Preliminary Verdict

Right now, I couldn’t wholeheartedly recommend the 3DS to anyone. Personally I’m a bit disappointed. I hope that I will get used to the 3D effect and that future generations of games have more value for the price.
If things stay the way they are right now, any iDevice has far better value for money.

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