Top 7 – Video Game Sites

There are a lot of good video game sites. The following ones are my favorites – as always highly subjective.

  1. Eurogamer
    Best writing and best journalism. Generally fun to read, some reviews are wonderfully sarcastic.
    Best take on mobile and down-loadable games with Mobile Games Roundup and Download Games Roundup. Great features and retrospectives. Front page is well designed, browsing the back catalog could be better.
    My favorite feature: The FarmVille Diaries.
  2. Kotaku
    Best news in blog format. Some reviews, good features and buyers guides. Very quick and constantly updated.
  3. Gamasutra – The Art & Business of Making Games
    Focused on the business side and on game development. Good features and analysis.
  4. Joystiq
    A good news blog.
    The best site for video reviews (professional, high production values). Not to forget are the great features such as ‘Retrospectives’, ‘Anthologies’ and Countdowns/Top 10s. Also obviously trailers – but trailers you can get anywhere. The Reviews are also available for subscription via iTunes.
  6. Game Rankings
    Looking for a game review? Or rather a directory where you can find a review for a certain game? Look no further. An essential site for any gamer.
  7. GameFAQs
    The essential site for free game faqs, guides and walkthroughs.

Honorary Mentions

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