We live in the Future – Finally

For many years the future – or at least the idea we had of the future – seemed to be very far away.

Some examples of what I mean: Judgment Day, as foretold by the Terminator franchise was relatively close (actually it came and went), still we had few things that came close to the technology that was envisioned. Or look at the Back to the Future trilogy.

For decades we had been told about robots, cars which are not powered by internal combustion engines, flying cars, self driving cars, etc.
Up until a few years ago nothing of these looked close to being ready for mass production.

Now finally many of these things can be bought or are close to market.

The Internet, Predator drones, always on connectivity, the ubiquity of smart phones, when I compare how much the world has changed since I went to school, I am really amazed. And I’m in my thirties, I’m not that old.

I was aware of this, I was aware that ‘normal people’ starting to think about buying ecars, I even bought a Roomba.

Still, last weekend something happened that made me realize that we finally live in the future.

  • I picked up a parcel from the post office from a automated self service booth. (a ‘Packstation’)
  • I paid at the supermarket at a self service check-out.
  • I ordered and paid my meal at McDonald’s with a self service terminal.

I had done three things and I didn’t need to talk to or interact with a single human being. My grandmother would have never thought that this would be possible.

We finally live in the future.

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