Three Updates: TWiT Photo & alternative iOS Browsers

‘Mostly Photo’ (see previous post) is now called ‘TWiT Photo‘. The show is now hosted by  professional photographer Catherine Hall together with Leo Laporte. Lisa Bettany left the show. Check out TWiT Photo, it’s still highly recommended.

The two alternative Browsers (Mercury & Terra) for iOS got significant updates since I blogged about them originally.

  • Mercury now integrates with Firefox Sync. This means you can sync your book marks from Firefox on your PC with Mercury – although it’s a bit buggy when changing bookmarks on Mercury and having them synced back to the PC (the separators, which Mercury cannot display, get messed up) this is a very useful feature.
  • In addition to sharing via Twitter and Facebook, Terra now also supports ‘Read It Later’. This is very useful for me.

In my opinion these are significant enhancement. If you have not given Terra and/or Mercury a try before, now might be a good time.


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