RIP Palm – One Down One More To Go?

HP has decided to basically kill WebOS. See this Ars Technica article.

This is sad from a historical perspective as Palm was one of the pioneers of PDAs and smartphones. In fact my first three PDAs were Palms: A Palm Pilot Professional, a Palm IIIc (see picture, left) and a Sony Produced Clié (see picture, right).

However this is not a huge surprise. The HP TouchPad sold poorly and as I already wrote in February, I think that there are too many players in the smartphone / tablet OS market.

Now, who will survive besides the two large gorillas iOS and Android?
I still stick to my prediction from February: I think RIM/Blackberry OS will survive (if they improve; and it will be tough). The tablet market might turn out differently though. Maybe Microsoft might succeed to survive there with Windows 8.

For my thoughts in detail see my post from February:
Question for 2011: Can there only be one? How many smartphone and tablet OS will the market support?

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