We’ve come a long way: Star Trek’s 45th anniversary

A couple of weeks ago Star Trek celebrates its 45th anniversary. Thinking about Star Trek and the world we live in today, there are two things that strike me.

  1. Lots of the technology and gadgets we saw in Star Trek where invented and we use them today: tablet computers, communicators…
    Check out this article at Mashable and especially for PADD / iPad this article at ars technica.
  2. This is no longer the Star Trek I was looking for (it actually hasn’t been for a while)

As I am younger then the original series (TOS) I watched it in re-runs.  I liked it but didn’t really love it and I thought it was a bit silly. If this was all Star Trek had to offer, I would not have become a fan.

However, I absolutely loved the movies (I did recently buy the very nice Blueray boxed set pictured above), The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

When Voyager started I was sceptical about the underlying idea. I was increasingly disappointed with it and stopped watching it regularly around the time DS9 ended.

I never really watched Enterprise. This was no longer the Star Trek I loved. Funny enough, I have become very sceptical about any type of prequel. I wonder why.

I had no expectations for the 2009 movie. I liked it fine, but it is no longer love.

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