Game of the Week / Impressions: Fruit Ninja Kinect

I have been a huge fan of Fruit Ninja for iOS and I have an XBox 360 and played around with Kinect for a bit (and other types of motion control). Naturally I was very exited when Fruit Ninja was announced for Kinect.

The main reason I love Fruit Ninja is that the control mechanism / the slicing is absolutely spot on. So the main questions are: Does the Kinect control scheme work and is it fun?

All three game modes are there:

  • Classic: Hit a bomb or miss three fruits and it’s game over
  • ZEN: No bombs, 90 seconds
  • Arcade: bombs only reduce score if you hit them, 60 seconds, power-ups

It is fun. Halfbrick has managed to produce the most solid control scheme I have tried so far for Kinect. The slicing and dicing works very well. Even the two player mode works fine, although my living room was so far too small for most Kinect two player attempts. The only reason there were limits how long I could play it in one session was, that in fact you get a real workout out of this.

The missions (e.g. “beat 175 in ZEN mode”, see screenshot) are a good idea and can partly overcome the only negative point I can make: it’s sad that Microsoft does limit the number of achievements an XBox Live game can have. Some more achievements would have done a lot for long term motivation (the iOS versions have lots of achievements).

My recommendation: If you have a Kinect, get Fruit Ninja Kinect.

Fruit Ninja Kinect is available for XBox 360 / XBox Live for 800 Points.
The original Fruit Ninja is available for iPhone and also as Fruit Ninja HD for the iPad

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