Impressions of Wii Party

Wii Party was recently released in Europe. It is Nintendo’s newest mini game collection for the Wii. There are lots of mini games (according to the text on the box there are over 80). While there are a lot of similarities with Mario Party, there are significant improvements. Most important of all: the flow of the game is much quicker and there is little time wasted between the actual games (this was a major negative point of Mario Party 8 for me).
My favorite mode is “Battle” in which you just play mini game after mini game (up to 4 players simultaneously) without any meta game, until one player reaches 3 or 5 wins.

The Good

  • Much less time wasted between the actual mini games (compared to Mario Party)
  • You play with your Miis
  • Lots of game modes
  • Lots of games for up to 4 players simultaneously (with 4 Wii remotes)
  • Nearly all games and modes are available right out of the box (trust me nobody wants to play a mini game collection alone for a couple of hours to unlock content before the guests arrive)
  • Most of the games are actually fun

The Bad

  • Not a game you will play alone for a lot of time
  • Does not support Wii Motion Plus
  • Some mini games just depend on pure luck / chance

Closing Comments

You can currently get the PAL version bundled with a Wii Remote (the classic Wii remote, without Wii Motion Plus) for around 40-50 EUR. Considering that the price for a Wii Remote alone is about 30-40 EUR, this is a very fair price.

Wii Party is a lot of fun if you play with a couple of people. I’d buy it again.

Wii Party from Nintendo for Wii. I’ve looked at the European PAL Version.
The PAL Version is multilingual (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian) and will display one of these languages depending on the system settings of your Wii.
This is not a full review but just some impressions.

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