Top 5 – Comics

There are a lot of good Comics. The following ones are my favorites (in no particular order) – as always highly subjective.

General Comics

  • Dilbert (Scott Adams)
    If you’ve ever worked for a large corporation or know someone who does, you will understand and love Dilbert. Some people still don’t – I can’t understand why.
    Scott Adams often perfectly manages to capture this feeling you sometimes have at work, when you’ve just read the new paper saving policy, the new recruiting guideline, etc. and you just don’t know if you should laugh or cry.
  • The Scott Adams Blog
  • Pearls Before Swine (Stephan Pastis)
    The strip pairs an angry, arrogant Rat with a sweet but dumb Pig. Cynical, sometimes dark, grown up and absolutely fabulous. Funny enough I learned of this comic when Scott Adams recommended Pearls Before Swine on his blog. Also: check out Stephan Pastis’ Facebook page.
  • Stephan Pastis’ Blog

Video Game Comics

Video game web comics are probably one of the geekiest things on the internet. This might  be the reason why we like them so much. 😆

Both comics are not solely focused on video games and gaming culture. I like Dueling Analogs and Penny Arcade is the classic video game web comic (Penny Arcade has extended far beyond web comics).

Bonus – The best German comic

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