App of the Week: EpicWin

Have you ever played a mediocre game for far too long, just to earn another achievement?
Have you levelled up your character, collected gold and stuff for ages in any MMORPG?
Have you ever whished, you could somehow get this type of reward for boring real life chores?

If so, then EpicWin might be the perfect App for you. You can create any type of quest / task, define what skill it requires and define how many XP you’ll get for completion. And once you complete the quest you collect the XP, gold and loot.

At the end of the day EpicWin succeeds to make tasks and real work a bit more fun.

The updates so far have provided real improvements (current version is 1.2).

To learn more check the developer’s website and the review by appadvice.

EpicWin for iPhone and iPod touch (also runs on iPad, but not a universal app). Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Available in the AppStore.

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