My Personal Guide – How to use Twitter

This “Personal Guide” is strictly subjective. This is how I have done it or how I would have done it. There are many other ways how to do something, but this is my suggestion.

  1. Get an iPhone.
  2. Get the official Twitter iPhone app (it’s free) – of course you can use the twitter site, but for me the iPhone and Twitter are a match made in heaven: Short messages you can check whenever you have time: during your smoking break, while waiting for the bus, etc.
    There is a ton of other twitter apps, but the official one is a good starting point because it works fine and – in case I have not mentioned it before – it’s free.
  3. Get a Twitter account.
  4. Find someone to follow.
    You might want so find people who do not tweet that they just had a sandwich for lunch. If you have no idea who to follow, the hosts of these video podcasts are a good starting point.
  5. Easily adjust by following and unfollowing via the iPhone app.
  6. Enjoy!

If you want to know how to use Twitter actively, i.e. get a lot of followers and tweet a lot – I wouldn’t have a clue.

Maybe two thoughts:

  1. Don’t tweet what you had for lunch.
  2. You could have a look at Amber Mac’s book.
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