Impressions of Kinect

This week I got my new Kinect for the XBox 360. This is to share my first impressions.

  • The installation is simple and straightforward. Especially on the Xbox 360 slim (you need to additionally plug the Kinect into a socket if you have the old XBox 360)
  • In the box, there is the Kinect, an A/C adapter, an additional cable for the old XBox 360 and the ‘Kinect Adventures’ game.
  • There is a mandatory XBox 360 software update before you can use the Kinect. This took a while to download and install.
  • You really need a lot of room to use the Kinect. I needed to move my TV rack a good two meters away from my couch to make it work. For two players you’ll need even more room. I haven’t tried two player simultaneously, but probably I won’t have enough room to do this.
  • Kinect can move: It is able to move the sensor up- and downward to get you into its viewable are as good as possible. – When it moves it’s actually a little bit scary (think Skynet ;-))
  • Kinect is pretty precise and the recognition of my movement worked well. Actually better than I had expected. When I stepped out of the line of sight of the Kinect, the game paused and it usually recognized me pretty quickly once I stepped back into the line of sight.
  • ‘Kinect Adventures’ is fun and it’s exhausting. You really need to move around a lot to play the game.

Further posts looking at Kinect and Playstation Move will follow later.

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