App of the Week: TimeScroller

Have you ever tried to schedule a conference call when you where in Berlin, one of your colleagues was in Tokyo and one was in London?
Ever tried to figure out what was the window for a call to Australia? Wondered if the US had already switched to daylight saving time?

If so then TimeScroller will become as essential and helpful for you as it has become for me.
It’s not just a world clock, but you can scroll to any time. You can also define rules which times are acceptable for a call and TimeScroller will show this with a colour coded ball next to the city name.
Last but not least it is fully customisable which cities you want displayed.

When I wrote this post, I was looking at version 2.05 for iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. Available for less then 2 EURO / Dollars in the AppStore.

Tried with iOS 4.0, 4,1 and 4.2 on an iPhone 3GS.

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