PS3 vs XBox 360 vs Wii – Part 2: Online and Multimedia Features

This is the second part of a series that looks at and compares the Wii (including Motion Plus), the PS3 (including PlayStation Move) and the XBox 360 (including Kinect) – as always highly subjective.
This part of the series focuses on multimedia features and basically all features not related to the actual games.
As I do not live in the US, several online features (such as Netflix) are not available to me and I therefore have not included them.
If you live in the US you will be able to access these features and this might have great impact on how you feel about PS3 and XBox 360.

For a media player, I have a very strong preference for the PS3. I think the interface works well, I like the remote and it can play most of the things I want it to play.
If the PS3 would additionally play some more obscure video formats, it would be perfect. XBox 360 and Wii are in my opinion much more limited in scope and more focused on games.
Below you’ll find a detailed breakdown of features.


++ Has a full web browser (that is not great, but OK and is able to show Flash content)
++ Therefore can show YouTube and other web video sites
+ All Features available with free PlayStation Network
++ Free ‘VidZone’ music video channel
++ Online Play does not require premium subscription (works fine, tried it myself)
+ Trophies show what you’ve achieved in a game
– No Avatars / Miis
+ Shows photos well (locally via USB and via network)
+ Plays music and several video formats (locally from USB stick and via local network – Network installation can be a bit tricky on the Storage side)
++ great remote (bluetooth), does not require line of sight, needs to be bought separately
++ Excellent Blue Ray player (also plays DVDs)

XBox 360

– No web browser
– Some online features (e.g. Facebook) only available with expensive “XBox Live Gold” membership
++ Best Online gaming features (seems to be consensus, haven’t tried it myself), requires “XBox Live Gold” membership
++ Achievements: the original and the best implementation of such a feature
+ Avatars (think Mii) on system level (used by lots of games)
+ Shows photos (locally via USB and via network)
+ Plays music and several video formats (locally from USB stick and via local network – locked to Microsoft Windows ecosystem)
+ also plays DVDs


+/- Web Browser (however limited by low resolution of console)- Online play is implemented cumbersome (via friend codes)
– No Achievements / Trophies on system level
+ Mii (think Avatars) on system level (used by lots of games), was the original
+ Shows photos (locally via SD card)
– Next to no multimedia features; does not play videos or DVDs

This series will continue.

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