Top 6 – Geeky Video Podcasts

There are a lot of interesting geeky video podcasts. The following ones are my favorites (in no particular order) – as always highly subjective. All of them are also available via iTunes.

  • The Ben Hack Show (Revision 3)
    Ben Hack builds custom hardware and modds video game systems: Xbox notebooks and lots of fascinating stuff.
    Hosted by Benjamin Heckendorn.
    Also see the Benheck Blog
  • Current Geek Weekly (Frogpants / TWiT)
    A podcast about things geeks find fascinating.
    Hosted by Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt.
    Unfortunately the weekly video version was discontinued after 36 episoded. The daily audio version is still around – I prefer video though and therefore don’t listen to the audio version.
  • Frame Rate (TWiT)
    Get the inside scoop on the geeky world of tv, movies and video no matter what screen it’s on.
    Hosted by Brian Brushwood and Tom Merritt.
  • CNET’s Top 5 (CNET)
    The best and worst of technology as counted down by CNET, from the hottest gadgets, to the worst downloads
    Hosted by Brian Cooley.
  • Tom’s Top 5 (Revision 3)
    From the hottest gadgets and downloads to the weirdest internet memes, Tom’s Top 5 counts down what’s trending in geek zeitgeist.
    Hosted by Tom Merritt.
  • A Comicbook Orange (8Bit Brownies Inc)
    A review and interview show about comics and comics creators.
    Hosted by Casey McKinnon.
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