PS3 vs XBox 360 vs Wii – Part 4: Conclusion

This is the fourth and last part of a series that looks at and compares the Wii (including Motion Plus), the PS3 (including PlayStation Move) and the XBox 360 (including Kinect) – as always highly subjective.
This part of the series provides some final thoughts, gives some recommendations and suggest further reading material.

Final thoughts

The new black and slim XBox 360 changed a lot. I wouldn’t have recommended the original white XBox 360 to anyone, just because of the horribly loud noise level (I have blogged about the key improvements before – and how to migrate: here).

While Kinect is great, you’ll need a lot of free space in front of the TV and so far there is no truly great Kinect game. In other words if you have enough space, you’ll still need to hope for future things to come. (see here about Kinect)

The PS3 slim also changed a lot. It brought the price point down significantly, it’s super quiet and the PS3 had already previously proven to be a pretty stable and reliable hardware platform. Also I think the PS3 Sixaxis controller is superior to the XBox 360 pad.

The Wii really starts to feel dated with no HD Video output and poor online integration. If you don’t have an HD TV, this might not matter all that much though. You can still have a lot of fun with it, especially with multiplayer and party games and I think it’s the obvious 2nd console to complement a PS3 or XBox360, but I would probably not choose it as my only system if I started now.

Closing comments and recommendation

If I were forced to choose only one of the three current gen consoles, I would pick the PS3. I think in total it offers the best value for money and is the best all-round machine. I think it is also the perfect choice if you have no strong preference for the key features of XBox 360 (i.e. FPS online play) or Wii (i.e. Mario games) and want to get a Blueray player anyway.

Suggested further reading

Have I covered everything? Of course not. If you want to know more, Kotaku has some very nice guides that might be helpful:

Any thoughts or views? Please leave a comment below.

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