App of the Week: Game Dev Story

Did you ever want to develop a video games? Without needing to code a single line? Maybe not really develop but play a game in which you develop games? Look no further. The App of the Week is Game Dev Story!

The whole world of game development is there for you. You hire people, you decide for which system to develop the game. Then you decide on the type of game and how to spend the resources of you staff. When the game is finished, it will be reviewed and then you can  (and need to) spend money on marketing so that your games sell well.

If you know a bit about video game console history – or if you’ve just been into video games for a long time, you’ll smile about the different gaming systems that become available to develop for. The game starts in the quasi-NES era and continues until the quasi-PS2 era.

Game Dev Story looks and feels like a computer game – maybe in the AMIGA era or on a VGA PC. Funny enough a couple of weeks ago I found out, that it is indeed a port of a computer game which was only released in Japan.
Apparently there is also a sequel so there is hope that the sequel might be ported to the iPhone as well.

My Verdict

A perfect 10 out of 10. The best iPhone game I  have played so far and the only one I’ve played for hours without interruptions – several times.

When I wrote this post, I was looking at version 1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. Available for less then 3 EURO / Dollars in the AppStore. There is also a free version to try it first.

Tried with iOS 4.0, 4,1 and 4.2 on an iPhone 3GS.

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