Quick Tip: Best BSG Viewing Order

BSG is one of the best SciFi shows of all times (hint: Top 5 list coming soon).

If you have not watched it yet, you really should. The following link will give you valuable insights on the best viewing order (without any spoiler):

Battlestar Galactica Viewing Order

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We live in the Future – Finally

For many years the future – or at least the idea we had of the future – seemed to be very far away.

Some examples of what I mean: Judgment Day, as foretold by the Terminator franchise was relatively close (actually it came and went), still we had few things that came close to the technology that was envisioned. Or look at the Back to the Future trilogy.

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Site Maintenance & New EOS 600D

Some site maintenance was performed today and the menu was enhanced (‘Links & Resources’); further additions are planed.

In other news: I have been interested in photography for a long time but watching several episodes of ‘Mostly Photo’ inspired me to try photography as a real hobby again.

I bought a Canon EOS 600D (called ‘Rebel T3i’ in the US). Expect further details and updates on photography soon.

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Quick Tip: Mostly Photo

‘Mostly Photo’ is the newest addition to the TWiT Network. Hosted by Leo Laporte and Lisa Bettany this video podcast is about all aspects of digital photography. In my opinion ‘Mostly Photo’ is an instant hit, finding the right balance between interviews with guests and tips and tricks for photography enthusiasts and beginners.


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App of the Week: Qwiki

I have written about Qwiki before. Now Quiki has released an iOS app.

Qwiki takes information from Wikipedia and photos and media from several other sources and creates a 2 to 3 minutes presentation that gives a quick overview of a topic using text to speech.
The text to speech is very good, it only has problems with some names (especially kings with a roman numeral, e.g. Carl IV).

When I wrote this post, I was looking at version 1.0.2 for iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later. Available for free in the AppStore.

Tried with iOS 4.3.1 on an iPad.

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Impressions of Nintendo 3DS

Last week I got my new 3DS. Does it live up to the great expectations?

How does it feel?

Not only compared to Apple gadgets such as the iPhone or the iPad but also compared to the Nintendo DS Lite or DSi, the 3DS feels a bit cheap. Solid but a bit cheap, especially the ‘Select’, ‘Home’ and ‘Start’ keys.
The 3DS is about the same size as a DSi, but a bit heavier.

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App of the Week / Game of the Week: Tiny Wings

‘You have always dreamed of flying – but your wings are tiny.’

Tiny Wings is a cute game in which you help a little bird with tiny wings to fly by jumping with the help of hills. You accelerate downhill by pressing the touchscreen and if you stop touching at the right moment, the bird will make a big jump and fly a bit. It is all a matter of timing.

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Infrastructure – The underpinnings that make civilization civilized

Great photo story, amazing pictures.

Infrastructure – The underpinnings that make civilization civilized. – Pictory.

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iOS 4.3.1 Update – Orientation Lock and I’m Back

I was away for a couple of weeks. Thus I missed the release of iOS 4.3. However I came back just in time for 4.3.1 and I’ve already installed in on my iPad.

I can finally choose if I want the mute switch or the orientation lock back. Thanks Apple for giving me choice.
Orientation lock! Yay!!

So far iOS 4.3.1 seems to work fine, but as with every update, I’ll wait for a bit until I install it on my iPhone.

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Get Rid of IE6, NOW!

Microsoft is trying to do something that I can truly support: Killing Internet Explorer 6. Spread the word: ie6countdown.com
As the company I work for only very recently migrated from IE6 to IE8, I can feel the pain. Personally I prefer Firefox and Chrome to IE and there are other choices out there, as long as you ditch IE6.

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